Home Counties

April to June 2024

 Hiking in the Home Counties offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and accessibility.  The 

Acorn group will be exploring scenic landscapes, historical and cultural sites on a variety of 

trails this season.  From rolling hills to charming countryside, these areas provide a refreshing 

escape from urban life.  Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, the Home Counties 

offer a diverse range of trails. We will be able to choose from easy strolls to more challenging 

routes, catering to different fitness levels.



Leg 1
Ivinghoe Beacon to Wendover
Distance to cover: 11.3 miles / 18.2 km


Leg 2
Saunderton via West Wycombe Circular Trail
Distance to cover: 12.4 miles / 20 km


Leg 3
Old Amersham, Penn Wood & Royal Standard of England loop
 — Chiltern Hills 
Distance to cover: 13.6 miles / 22 km


Leg 4
Dunstable Downs and St Mary the Virgin loop from Studham 
— Chiltern Hills  
Distance to cover: 12.1 miles / 19.5 km


Leg 5
Waddeston Estate to Chearsley Circular   
Distance to cover: 15.1 miles / 24.4 km


Leg 6
Sunken Way Walk and Hollandridge Lane loop 
from Aston Rowant Nature Reserve — Chiltern Hills  
Distance to cover: 12.8 miles / 20.6 km

The breathtaking view you would see.