Sunken Way Walk and Hollandridge Lane loop from Aston Rowant Nature Reserve — Chiltern Hills

Home Counties (Leg 6 Report)

Distance covered:    12.8 miles / 20.6 km

Acorners are certainly a group with a determination to keep fit. 

Darren put together a brilliant hike session.

By 7:45am most of the attending crew had arrived, even the perennial tardy gentleman (no names mentioned) was present.

A few minutes past 8am, Nick A and Meto man arrived. The visitors (marathon runner & tennis star) had chickened out.

To start that early was certainly not their style.

“The Sunken Way Walk and Hollandridge” loop hike began at 8:12am. 

It seemed a pretty manageable hike until we got to the 1st hill about 4-5km in.  It is certainly one of the steepest and longest we have encountered in the hiking sojourn. 

Conquering this elevation was considered a thorough workout. The early pace setters Kofi, Alfred, Randy and Meto waited at the summit for all to catch up. 

The restart button was set with Kofi, Darren and Randy leading the way.  They literally accelerated away. 

In the middle were Alfred & Meto.  Kray, Nick kept Genny company at the back. 

At the 10km mark there was a slippery descent with the path blocked with branches from fallen trees. Alfred slipped and fell twice. The first fall resulting in his phone flying away. Between Alfred’s falls Meto also slipped and almost fell. 

Meto asked Alfred if he was okay. Alfred responded I wish Nick’s visitors had turned up to experience this. 

Kray had to help Genny with this descent. He did a great job with his guest. 

From this point onwards the back four Kray, Nick A, Meto & Alfie remained with Genny pretty much to the end. They took turns in acceleration, working up their heart rates but not going much beyond 100 meters of Genny. 

Potentially this was the first time in hiking history that Kray has actually hiked in the true sense of the word. 

He would slow down point out to the scenery and then move. The occasional jog didn’t go amiss with him. Nick A also jogged a few times the two of them claimed it was to increase heart rate.

The elevations on this trail were more than enough to give the heart a good workout. 

Apart from a few minor missed turns it was a smooth procession to the end. 

We decided on cold drinks (beer) after this one. 

A belated happy birthday to Kofi who bought a round to celebrate. Friday 31st May was the date. 

Board member Kray got a second round. 

Thanks to Darren for organising.

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Alfred Walter June 4, 2024
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