Waddeston Estate to Chearsley Circular

Home Counties (Leg 5 Report)

Distance covered:   15.1 miles / 24.4 km

Leg 5 of Acorn 2024, was a 24 km loop from the Waddeston Manor through the Chearsley country side, and up the Waddeston Hill and back to the Waddeston Manor. 

Chairman Kwabena, Nick KA, Gene, Ato, Darren, Kojo and Okoe marvelled at the Waddeston Manor owned by the Rothschild family. “The bedrooms are many!The garden is large! How many plots? Ensuite dey?”  Our resident socialite knows everybody right?…maybe he can invite a Rothschild to walk with the Acorns…

Back to the hike. The Manor was indeed the highlight. The rest of hike was 25km – no hills (yes some inclines…but nothing to trouble Acorns). A bit of negotiating roads with very fast cars.  But mainly through over grown fields – with lots of stiles and livestock.

Walking through fields that were stomach high, many thistles and vegetation that looked like cabbage…Acorns were happy  to have a biology teacher in our  midst – who could assure the Acorns (city mamaba boys at heart) that the bush was safe – thank you Gene

 Equalizers. Acorn hikes often split into groups…fastest, peloton, back markers etc.  Yesterday we walked as a group. Whenever anyone tried to accelerate – stile or bush or just lost would soon happen - Equalizers. You could stop and piss, or do shoelace…with no fears of being left behind!

Second to the Manor, perhaps the highlight was the No Hands…getting over stiles with hands in air competition. Yep…it was that kinda day.

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Okoe Sean May 20, 2024
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