Ivinghoe Beacon to Wendover

Home Counties (Leg 1 Report)

Distance covered: 11.3 miles / 18.2 km

So all too soon March 17th was upon us.  Acorners were geared up to start the 2024 hiking season.

There had been a few prior attempts to get the boys out for a workout.  Darren sent out notices and there was consensus on Sunday 17th.  Yet again, for some reason, the early option of 7:00am was the proposed meeting time.

On Saturday there was the rallying cry for folks to get to bed early. Well, the last person to arrive at 7:50am was Alfred!!!  Darren, Kray, Chairman, Perlus, Eugene, Randy, Alfred and Jenny got 2024 to a start. Ivinghoe to Wendover! Circa 18km!! Lets go!!!

As usual we had pacesetters!! Perlus, Eugene, Randy & Kray got going. Chairman & Alfred were just ahead of Darren & Jenny. Kray had indicated he would jog half the time!  The conditions of the ground put that plan to bed. Chairman had released a new pair of hiking shoes (barefoot). He was feeling really cool in them.

The interesting about this group of hikers is the propensity to take wrong turns, get lost, wander away! They really needed to be herded like sheep. Thank God for Chairman. True to expectation, the pacesetters took a wrong turn. Kray started communicating with Chairman.  Chairman confirmed he thought he had noticed the mistake by the front crew.

Getting back on track meant they were behind. Kray slowed down and joined Darren and Jenny while Perlus (that guy can never take a stroll), Eugene & Randy stepped up pace and retook the lead.

Apart from the occasional falls and slips (Chairman and Eugene), It was cruise control to Wendover by all. The unusual challenge this hike presented was adjusting mindsets to go down hill in slippery and muddy conditions. Acorns love a challenge

The boys were really grateful to Jenny for attending.  Truth be told she’s clocking up more attendance than some regulars (no names mentioned; Meto how be?)

2024 has well and truly began!

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Alfred Walter March 18, 2024
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