South Downs Way

by Alfred Walker

The day before the hike…

Evening Guys. I have tested positive to a lateral flow test this evening unfortunately.  Sorry to announce but thought I should let you all know as we were all together yesterday especially Okoe. Apologies for any inconvenience. So sorry about this.

Our Cyborg @ Perlus was human after all…

Report the day after the hike…

Good morning gents. Hope all is well.

@Champions Leaguers. Well done on getting to East Meon without too many issues!

-@Chairman, Amass,my wife, my children, Kwasi all laughed at me when I told you I was catching a ride with Perlus..... Thank you for having my back!!!

@Europa League

 Shame we got lost..especially so far into the walk.  But these things do happen..

- those two gentleman who drove us from the golf club to East Meon... showed that there really are some kind people out there. We wish them well. They helped us complete strangers!

- Chairman is human..he can get lost! He is Chairman.

-Chairman stepped up and made the phone call to Kojo and Perlus to tell them we were lost...mega lost if we are to be honest! He is Chairman.

- Ato your play list kept us going.

- Good and some deep conversations we had...and very best to our families with the various challenges🙏🏿

- if we ever get lost again...we must go back on the route!

-I have left the conference league as I kept Darren, Ato and Chairman is sight...not at easy job it was!!

More the day after by Okoe

Good morning Chairman and all.

1. Perlus on the mend...I mean 6.15 miles (10km) in 83min... 👏🏿

2. Negative tests all round 😃😁😃

3. Kojo continues to try and recruit to the peleton (and leave Europa with 1 member🤔)

4. Ato and Darren continue to prove their loyalty to Europa..though even me I must say it is clear that promotion will be soon..they are quick..👊🏿

5. Alfred continues to prowl the Cambridge Streets at night..👊🏿

6. Chairman is off to the map library...I must confess I did mention to the Preko ladies that Chairman Kwabena/Uncle Ofege had got know  motown boys they no dey keep the information tight like the boys boys from Prempeh..and Cape. Small ginger ale and we talk....

Alfred Walter November 23, 2023
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