South Downs Way

by Alfred Walter

Typically, the Acorners are a group of health conscious over 50 year old men.

However, the start times to hikes can be bit over the top. 

You don’t know whether its Class Prefect @Ben Preko who fixes a date of scones, strawberry and tea with his beloved Nana Akua for a Sunday afternoon, or Lt general Agyekumhene @Kojo KRA Agyekumhene who is in a rash to go chill with Maud. Who are we to question. Those guys have been in the game for years. Another veteran, Ofege @Kwabena Ansah (Chairman, Ofege) thinks a hike day is for hiking and nothing else, Ophelia understands.

On that note @David Meto Boatin Meto Man happy anniversary, here’s to another 20 years. 🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂🥂.

Maybe we should consult Eva to get you to join more sessions. 🤔🧐

On Sunday morning the by 7:20am the phones had started ringing. The usual questions “where are you?” , “How many minutes more?” , “Would you rather go to the starting point?” were trending.

Perlus, was driving in the company of Amas and Okoe. Alfie was on his way from Cambridge, Kray had been awake for enough hours to have watched a film on Netflix and the Aylesbury crew (Ofege and Mr D) were scheduled to arrive on time.

6 of the confirmed 7 arrived at the meeting point. Cambridge is far……… Alfie was still on his way.

The longer a group stay together the more chance for chit chat. It so happened that chairman mentioned Alfie’s attendance to a small 50th get together. That info would provide some good cheer.

He went for a 50th, Came home at 1am, didn’t sleep early bla bla. At our age we need laughter as a tonic. At 8:52am Alfie arrives, and guys are grinning, smiling and laughing. “Alfie how was the party?”, “How many more 50th parties are you attending?”

Alfie being late was a relief to one other member. The man in question had caused the North London crew a delay.

This is a hiking group. What is our main tool? Yes, you guessed right. Hiking shoes. Who forgets his shoes. No other than his Lordship Amas. The gravity of this faux pas was matched by the number of phone calls he made to Alfie when everyone else had gathered. “How far are you”, Where are you”

You are indeed a pass master at diverting the blame.

@~Kofi Hazel, this is partly the reason we forgot the group photo at the beginning.

We drove to the start point and eventually got started.

Class Prefect needs no encouragement to forge ahead. Yet @svoquist kept him company for the first few meters. This stretch of the SD started with a hill which had a combination of gradual and moderate elevation. Soon, Sean realised it would be a good idea to conserve his energy. Class prefect just zoomed off. He was followed by Kray, Amas and Mr D, while Sean, Chairman and Alfie took up positions at the back. It pretty much stayed like that till the end.

After 2km the excess perspiration on Class Prefect’s bald head meant he had to remove and hold his fancy cowboy hut.

At one point Kray decided to test his recovery to fitness and left Amas and Mr D in his wake.

Sign posting on the South Down trail is as clear as mud.

The walkie talkie system was also utilised to good effect or at least so we thought.

After 23km of walking and hiking in weather which can best be described as challenging, Ofege, Okoe and Alfie arrived to see Class Prefect and Kray in the former’s car.

Amas and Mr D managed to achieve the feat of getting lost. The weather was miserable. It was pouring down and the wind was unrelenting. What business would you have on a golf course???

We set off in respective cars to find the missing duo. Amas was drenched. Not only did he initially forget his shoes, but also failed to bring any wet weather gear.

He attempted to pacify the group with some nice nkati cake.

All in all a good workout. Till next time!!!

Alfred Walter November 23, 2023
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