South Downs Way

by Alfred Walter

Good morning guys, 

In the absence of His Lordship, Honourable Amas  @David Amarteifio and Emeritus Professor Quist @svoquist I will attempt to report on yesterday. 

On the 3rd of June it was announced we meet at 7:00am (was that ever going to happen?) @Kojo KRA Agyekumhene advised all who were coming to tell your wives to stop pinching asking wada anaaa? (Does that still happen? 🙄🙄) He even called night rider to tell him to get to bed early.

4th June! 

Peeps were up and into respective cars etc. Man, the distances we are driving to these places show commitment. After challenges getting to the start point, we eventually started at 10am. Walkie Talkies tested and distributed. Eugene and Darren were the pace setters while Nick KA, Kray, Ato and Alfie took to the back. 

At 5km Alfie took a tumble and grazed his knee. Ato’s first aid pack is impressive. His son is a pharmacist. Should there be any surprises? 🤔🧐 Bruise was dressed and any niggles were shaken off. 

Meanwhile our very own @Kojo KRA Agyekumhene  Lieutenant General Agyekumhene had to manage his groin. He obviously didn’t turn on the usual turbo.  

The front two utilised the Walkie Talkie to update on progress and confirm direction.

We all agreed that SD is more straightforward to navigate than Ridgeway. (It’s more clearly signposted)

If there’s another difference between the two, that most certainly is the terrain. 

There were at least 3, possibly 4 hills. They are the ultimate test of fitness and endurance for the 50 plus crew.  

I would characterise them as having an elevation that is deceptively gradual, long and meandering, continuously testing your physical and mental strength. Each step presenting a dose of unpredictability  due to the hidden visual of the respective summits of the hills. 

At these hills we climbed to the summit and waited for Kray. That guy is a soldier. He seems a pro in managing injury. At 19km, the front two slowed down and all 6 came together. We confirmed direction. They set off again to lead. 

Meanwhile @Nick KOBIA AMANFI Nick KA kept communicating with his wife. My friend, we come for business not to be taking calls every 5km. 🙄🙄🙄. 

You can’t have an Acorn Hike without a couple losing their way. Lo and behold the pacesetters fell into that trap. They missed a turn and went out of coverage area.

The back 4 almost fell into the trap but @Kojo KRA Agyekumhene Kray was alert. 

The back 4 steamed ahead presumably energised by their respective snacks. 

Ato: Chocolate and Banana 

Nick KA: Banana 

Kray: Instant energy apple

Alfie: Banana

The last leg was relatively flat (or at least we thought), through a pig farm and across a river. When we got to the road, Kray announced we have this hill to climb. 

This was another killer given what we had been through. Like soldiers we marched on. 

@Darren and @~Genieman were still behind us. @Nick KOBIA AMANFI was about to take his last call from Mrs. We climbed the hill and to our relief we saw the car park. 

At the end, a cow came uncomfortably close to  Alfie. @Kojo KRA Agyekumhene Kray’s hypothesis was that it was female so was presumably being friendly.

The back 4 sat and waited for the initial pace setters.

After awhile we saw them coming. They were in the company of a white lady. 

All three were grinning. The ultimate tonic they needed to conquer the last hill.

The distance was 30km. @Darren and @~Genieman had a 3km detour!! 

Bravo to All!
 Indeed the ultimate workout for the 50plus crew.

Alfred Walter November 22, 2023
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