by Okoe

Good morning Team Acorn ,

Thanks and respect to all of you for yesterday’s walk.  The support is appreciated. Long tough walk in the mud! Many highlights as mentioned above in recounts by other team members…but for me one thing really stood out…the focus on “You’ll never walk alone” – across the entire walk Champions League accelerated after about 5km, and the duo finished together in record time. 

Perlus (unlike Arsenal) has the nerves of steel and is comfortable at the front. Kofi (like Man City) is hunting him down…last week, this week – and off to South Downs.   They stayed together – You’ll never walk alone.

The Peleton were doing their thing, but then Ato and Alfie turned on the turbo. The duo got to the golf course,  and Alfie went for above par, looking to add some extra km.  Ato put on the brakes changed direction, and led the duo home – under par. They stayed together – You’ll never walk alone.

Left to lead the Peleton – Chairman and Mr D put on the turbo for a short while.  At the back we could see the Chairmans little jog thru the mud…as the gap widened. But Mr D put the brakes on (again and again) – to stop and check on the back - until the course was clear for all…. They stayed together – You’ll never walk alone.

At the back things were getting tough.  The course was extra muddy and slippery….Okoe slipped (twice) and was lifted up by Eugene and Nick (thanks gents). At that point, he stopped trying to accelerate when he saw Chairmans little jog in front – and just focused on his own pace.  Eugene was breaking in brand new hiking boots double socks and all….Nick was in cross country mode…but as we all found out the hills at the end are something else!   We stayed together - You’ll never walk alone.

At the car park at the end point, Perlus and Kofi were comfortably waiting for the 3 groups….with enough time to shower and relax. They welcomed home the 3 groups…over the course of an hour – and then led the stretches  and post walk coffee and hot chocolate.

Nick, Mr D, and Okoe – were happy to be driven home (in style).  Perlus, Eugene, Chairman, Kofi, Alfie, Ato – Thank you for driving home safely..

@Amass – you were missed you would have written this up so much better.

@Kray – chairman kept shouting “lets go”..

@Nick – the champions league is top 4…not top 2…please come back

@Meto – Chairman has checked,  kite flying season is on break in May…so South Downs awaits.

@Randy –1 km = 1 km from now on…none of this miles to km mix matches. South Downs awaits.

Have a great week gents!

Okoe Sean November 21, 2023
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