Local Walk - South Norwood Lakes

by Kojo Kray

This was a short notice call.  I was always going to walk but remembered George wanting to join me and eventually join the Acorns.  So I knew today was going to be a mid pace...

I admire George for fitness, having introduced him to insanity when we used to do it in my garage he continued daily even when I stopped for periods but he has suffered an injury which has affected his ability to exercise.  After reflection speaking to the likes of Darren, Eugene and Randy and myself he was in.

So when I se t him a message yesterday around 9pm, after a few questions we settled on 8am start.

I remember when I had. Y groin and I was on the trail...I remember when Perlus had his hams and he was still ar the front. Newbie George was definitely motivated and that made me feel happy

We did the 3 laps and then up the hill aka Cypress Road...for those not in the know it is steep...we know jog it, that is Ato, Lisa and I...so we got to jog point, gave George a few tips on the hill as the climb is never ending and he should walk at his pace...at this time Lisa had already set off on her jog...

I soon followed when the incline stated and bolted after Lisa..I had a target...trust me Lisa went 75% from start to end and it's the peak that the incline becomes another incline. So I went past and wanted to reach the summit but was sadly short but in our determination, we try again.

This road be it its a hill is one of my 5 hills challenge so it is not a walk up anymore.

After I did a walk back with George to introduce him to that for his calf injury and also did some stretches.

Highlight of the walk.

Definitely George wants to hike so he asked me if his current pace was good for the hike and I said no because you will be left behind and that shocked him..I did say we do have Europe managed by yours truly SVOQ XO but his times are improving so not sure what league his plays but nonetheless we have a motto that no one gets left behind so once he has recovered he will be able to hike but in the current situation the trails can be unforgiving.

I look forward to walking with my brother George next Saturday and every Saturday during this winter period.

Let's find another Acorn who is like George and make them become Acorns.

Signing off, your truly.

Kojo Kray January 13, 2024
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