Kray's New Year Message to the Team

by Kojo Kray

Similar to last year...

1. Register your New Month Target by the first day of the New Year

2. Target should be the same as Previous or an increase. Aim to increase it by 10%

3. Max Distance should probably be 250km.

4. Jalking, jogging, walking for all terrains are allowed

5. If affected by the weather; please raise this but endeavour to make up for it

Last, spread your distance over 4 weeks to avoid putting pressure on a day, week like I did last year on my 250km

Fine be voted on 4th Feb but proposed £10 to our Acorn Charity Pot

A proper and full Acorn Code of Practice will be published in due course

Medical should be important so if possible let's all have a full MOT before South Downs starts...done mine (off course enforced by recent health)

Kojo Kray November 28, 2023
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