Enter the Cambourne Night Owl!!!

by Night Owl

Just before July last year (2022), the chairman, Kwabena Ansah asked if I’d like to join walking/ hiking with a few friends. I vividly remember my nonchalant response,“walking? That’s easy”

He beckoned and encouraged me further.

By this time he was more or less throwing down the gauntlet. I retorted claiming I needed a better workout than joining friends for what I was thinking would be a stroll in the park. Ofege isn’t chairman by default. I had irked him.

He invited me to do a 32km hike from Princes Risborough to Ivinhoe.
The only other person who joined that day was Kojo Agyekumhene aka Kray.
On the 31st of July, I arrived in good time. A few minutes later Kray showed up.
After arranging where we would position our cars we got started.

Less than 1km into the hike Kray asked “Massa ibi your pace this ?” I’m thinking to myself,  Ofege has brought this guy with alpha male traits. Note, I had never met Kray. A few minutes later I decided to have some cashew nuts and banana which I brought. I was keeping my body well fuelled for the workout. Kray doesn’t hold back he’s very expressive. He said to me “this isn’t a picnic”.

He then doubled up his pace and left the two of us.

After 15km I started to ask Ofege where the rest point would be? At 18km I was virtually broken. I sat down took a rest. Ofege had no choice than to sit with me. After about 5-7 minutes we got going to the end. I was completely worn out, but at least I had finished the course. 32km a baptism of fire!!

I’m not one to shirk a challenge. Asked if I’d be back? Without hesitation I expressed interest and far enthusiasm in response than my reaction to the first invitation. I was initiated into the Acorn group.

The next few days were the epitome of aches and pains.

My movement and gait in the days after this “marathon” hike was more inhibited than that of my decrepit octogenarian parents whom I had visited a few weeks before.
Ofege would later confess his irritation at me downplaying the physical effort required for hiking. That’s what drove him to pick a walk which would test the endurance and fitness of a guy who thought hiking was a mere showboating expedition.

I had passed, well barely (finished the 32km course but really broken)Lieutenant General Kojo Agyekumhene, as I refer to him, is the resident Acorn R&D expert. He  advised I go for a shorter walk to aid post recovery. Man, I couldn’t even raise my legs. Acorn members post individual workouts during the week between hikes. Mostly walks and jogs. I took up the challenge of doing that too. In my younger years I’d go running in the mornings. These days, an evening or night time walk suits me better. For convenience I’d step out at about 9:30pm for walk or run.

The Cambourne night owl was born!!!

I’m grateful to Ofege for the invitation. My fitness has improved. I can now do a 32-34km hike and go for a run the following evening.

Acorners thanks for your encouragement.

Night Owl!!!!

Alfred Walter November 24, 2023
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