A Message from the Chairman

by Chairman Kobby

Firstly, I am delighted to be selected as the chairperson of Acorn Hikers a vibrant community of walkers.

In 2009, a colleague at work after a weekend asked me what my hobby was? I said watching football, then he asked me so how do you keep fit or are you a couch potato? That dawned on me then really, I have no hobby and truth I was a couch potato. At that point I decided I had to do something to save my life, I took to cycling initially and booked myself on a British Heart Foundation sponsored ride so I could go to work to show of my medal, which I did 50miles bike ride without training (very difficult) just so I could show of my achievement. The rest is now history. So that was how my journey into fitness started.

In 2013 colleagues at work invited me to join them on a walking holiday on the national trail the Ridgeway, again without thinking twice I signed up to walk 90miles in 5days averaging 18miles per day back-to-back. I said to me myself after all its just walking little did I know what lied ahead of me. I booked my B&Bs around the trail and got a few personal effects I could carry with me on my journey. 

On the day I rocked up unprepared in my trainers and a track suit and my backpack I had no clue what to expect and to cut a long story short it was the worst thing I have ever agreed to do but I determined to pull through no matter what. This was a painful experience, but I made it with 5 other colleagues from Overton Hill to Ivinghoe Beacon in 5days, walking 18miles daily. 

Whiles walking I told myself never again would I be back on the trails but after I had recovered from the blisters and body pains, I was keen to share my experience with my friends so told Okoe Quist about my experience on the trail and he was keen to have a taste of the English countryside we arrange to do a section of the Ridgeway from Wendover to Ivinghoe Beacon and he loved the scenery and picturesque views of the trail. I also invited my childhood friend and a brother Ben Preko to join me which he did. Ben is an ardent walker on the streets of Enfield, so the trail was a welcome challenge which he took on like a duck to water.

So, by invitations to friend we become a weekend walking group currently with 14 members committed to health and camaraderie inspiring each other towards a healthier lifestyle and lasting friendships. Hiking is not immensely popular in the Black communities and its our quest to introduce it to as many people as possible in our community and to inspire member to exercise independently.

Long live the ACORNERS!!!

Chairman Kobby December 19, 2023
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