3 Acorners on the Waakye Walk

by Kojo Kray

After cancelling the Aburi  walk our one and only SVOQ XO told me that he will do a local walk with @Cyborg but as he was injured it will be Europa pace.

Quick, I decided I won't miss a slow pace walk in my condition.  One issue was I was going to +233 to watch Kofi Kinata.

After 2 hours sleep I managed to hit the road and arrive with SVOQ XO seemingly pacing around his front house not necessarily warming up but maybe irritated by my lateness.

Still the gentleman in him greeted me cordially and asked me to park sideways in a designated area.  He then checked if my pedicure infected toe will bear the walk...hmmm caring is bromance.

In the distance we could see the mean machine, walking towards us.  After the usual Acorn hugs and pleasantries, we embarked on the Accra Ridge way walk.

We started with 6km in mind because of the walking wounded duo and I think Okoe wanted to open the Turbo...I noticed he tried it once and I am was thinking hmmmm, Chairman and Nana Akua will kill us if this goes wrong so let's take it easy.

A soldier is a soldier, and def Perlus is not one to use an excuse...no speed but was consistent holding his pace.

We toured Okoe's route and changed from 6km to 8km and at the end we accepted it was a Conference pace but positive because despite our inhibitions we still came out.

This walk is my first time of non pace, plenty conversation walk and I enjoyed it.  We broke sweat and still had a good time.

Reporting from Accra...its yours truly.

Kojo Kray December 30, 2023
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